Check out our photos!
Check out our photos!

We?re now regularly adding pictures of club members dive experiences! Check them out here. Want to submit photos you?ve taken? Just send an email to Jeff Wagner.

Join us for a Date@8 shore dive!
Date @ 8 (Date @ 10 During The Winter!!!)

Join us for a weekly Date @ 8 shore dive. We meet at the Burger King on Rt.128 in Beverly every Saturday morning and head to one of Cape Ann's numerous dive sites for a dive or two. Dive sites are decided on the spot to accomodate the experience and skill levels of those who show up, and everyone is welcome - members and non-members alike.

Click for photos of past shore dives

Please contact the coordinator (listed on the Date @ 8 page linked above) a day or two before Saturday if you'd like to join us, to make sure the group doesn't leave without you if you're running a little late.

Also, please note that during winter months we meet at 10am! See you there!

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Please join us at 8:00pm
at the
Courtyard Marriott on Speen Street in Natick.

Stephen Bigelow – Diving North Carolina (2015 edition)

Many divers see wreck diving as an intriguing and exciting window into the past. Each wreck site is a place where time simply stops, allowing divers to view marine architecture and equipment of yesterday along with the wondrous marine ecosystem that has grown to rely on the wreck today. North Carolina is called the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” for its wealth of some 2,000 wrecks scattered along its coastline. Many vessels are historic, dating to World War II and earlier, including the Atlas, Bedfordshire, Naeco, Suloide, and the infamous U-352. Other wrecks are intentional reefs like the Spar, Aeolus and others contributing to the area’s exciting ecosystem which is often home to sand tiger sharks. In late June of 2015, members of the MetroWest Dive Club will visit North Carolina for a week of wreck diving on these historic locations and more. For the July meeting, Steve will present photos and video clips chronicling the Club’s annual dive outing. Steve will focus on the diving, and also discuss some of the shore activities and accommodations that members can enjoy next year.

Steve has been diving since 2008 and has logged more than 500 dives - most within the rich, cold New England waters where Steve regularly participates in the Date @ 8 shore diving and on-season boat diving with the region's familiar charter operators. Steve has been a Club board member since 2009 earned his NAUI Instructor certification in early 2013.

Upcoming Speakers and Topics*

Aug 11 Susan Copelas Diving Cuba
Sep 8 Jeff Wagner Diving Hawaii
Oct 13 Jim McKnight Diving Palau
Nov 10 Round table Gear tips and tricks

*All speakers and topics subject to change without notice.

The MetroWest Dive Club (MWDC) is dedicated to promoting fun, safe diving, and introducing and familiarizing members with new dive sites. We are committed to encouraging good relations with our coastal neighbors through courtesy and good diving etiquette, and getting involved with community activities.

The MWDC is not affiliated with any retailer, vendor, or manufacturers. We are a large group of sport divers with a wide range of scuba diving interests. Club members can help direct you to the many training classes locally available.

MetroWest Dive Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Courtyard Marriott on Speen Street in Natick. Meetings are free and guests are welcome, divers and non-divers alike. MWDC meetings start at 7:30 pm but members often meet socially at the bar from 6:30 to 7:30pm.