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Alice M. Lawrence

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Vineyard Sound

Description: Schooner; 6 masted; Wood
Dimensions:   length - 305.1 ft. ,    width - 48.2 ft. ;    depth - 22.6 ft.
     Tonnage:     gross - 2230 ,         other - Draft - 3132
  Propulsion: Sail
  Machinery: Steam operated pumps; Ten horsepower generator.
        Cargo: Empty

The Shipwreck

    Date Sunk: December 5, 1914
           Cause: Stranded
      Location: Nantucket Sound, Tuckernuck Shoal
Coordinates:    Latitude, 41o - 24' - 13"N   Longitude,70o - 13' - 00"W
   The schooner struck the evening of December 5th "bound light" (without cargo) from Portland to Norfolk, probably to pick up a cargo of coal. Heavy seas soon opened her seams and she would have filled completely if not for her powerful steam operated pumps. Running almost constantly, it was all they could do to stem the rising flood.
   The Revenue cutter Acushnet went to her assistance and would have pulled her off, if not for the fears of the schooner's Captain that she would fill with water and sink.
    A wrecking tug from New London was soon alongside the schooner with hopes of refloating her. However the evening after she struck, 60 mph winds drove the schooner higher on the shoal and seas battered her heavily. Subsequent gales broke her back before local wreckers could attempt to refloat her.

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Dive Site Conditions

    Depth in feet:    maximum -    ;    minimum -  
Visibility in feet:     average -

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Historical Background

Constructed:    year - 1906;    where - Bath, Maine.
                     builder - Percy and Small.
Construction details: Built of White Oak and Yellow Pine; Galvanized iron and copper fastenings; 2 decks, full poop; Fitted with electric running lights, an 80 candlepower searchlight and 75 incandescent lights in her quarters and work areas.
Crew: 13 ;     Master: Captain W.B. Wormell
Owners: J.S. Winslow & Company
Home or Hailing Port: Portland, Maine
Former Name(s), date(s):
Official number: 203715      Country: U.S.A.
Other Comments: The third of five, six-masted schooners built under contract for the J.S. Winslow Company of Portland Maine. The Alice M. Lawrence was rumored to have been the first American built schooner to be fitted with electric lights. Although that honor more likely belongs to a Rockland built vessel. In any case she was undoubtedly one of the first.

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   December 14th; the schooner's crew, who had remained aboard since she grounded, abandoned their ship after stripping her.

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The Maritime History of Bath Maine; Vol.II, Baker, 1973
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