New England Shipwreck Diving

Since the earliest accounts of French trading ships sinking off the "Mastachusit" shore in the 1600's, thousands of ships have wrecked off the rocky shores of New England. Here, we'll present some of the ones sport divers visit.

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   Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources

Exempt Shipwreck List

   The purpose in creating an exempted shipwreck site is to preserve such sites for the continued enjoyment of the recreational diving community. "Exempted" shipwreck sites have, quite literally been exempted from the Board's permiting process. Recreational diving activities, including casual artifact collection, on these sites does not require a permit from the Board. However, any major disruption of the site is prohibited. The List of Exempt Shipwrecks is open to modification. The recreational diving community is encouraged to protect these sites for the continued enjoyment of all.
   The following site reports were prepared by Christopher C. Hugo and made available to the MetroWest Dive Club, courtesy of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources.
   Dive related information on most of the sites is sketchy, comments from the diving community in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Albert Gallatin (image)
- Iron hulled Revenue Cutter
John Dwight (image)
- wooden hulled freighter
Alice M. Colburn
- four masted schooner
Kershaw (image)
- steel hulled freighter
Alice M. Lawrence
- six masted schooner
- steel hulled freighter
- steel hulled freighter
- steel hulled tug
Barge and Crane
- steel hull
four masted schooner
- fishing vessel
- iron tug
Charles S. Haight
- steel hulled freighter
- schooner barge
- steel tanker
- steel tanker
Chester Poling
- steel tanker
Pinthis (Under Construction)
(underwater photographs)
- steel tanker
City of Salisbury (zoo ship)
- steel hulled freighter
Port Hunter
- steel hulled freighter
- freighter
- schooner barge
Dixie Sword
- steel hulled freighter
Romance (image)
- steel hulled passenger steamer
Edward Rich
- schooner
- steel hulled collier
French Van Gilder
- tern schooner
- steel hulled freighter
Henry Endicott
- schooner barge
U.S.S. Grouse
- wooden hulled minesweeper
- wooden hulled lighter
U.S.S. New Hampshire
- 74 gun ship of the line
Herman Winter
- iron hulled freighter
U.S.S. Triana
- iron tug
Hilda Garston
- steel fishing vessel
U.S.S. Yankee (image)
- iron hulled auxiliary cruiser
H.M.C.S. St. Francis
(mis-identified as HMCS St. Claire)
- Clemson class destroyer
U.S.S. YSD (image)
- seaplane derrick
James E. Longstreet
- steel hulled freighter
Vineyard Sound Lightship (image)
- steel hulled lightship

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Map Section

Massachusetts Coastal      Cape Ann       Buzzards Bay & Vineyard Sound

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