Wrecks 96' Dive

By John Lydon

At someone's suggestion (sorry, I don't recall who) I made plans for a dive on Sunday following the Symposium. Speakers Evelyn Dudas, Terrence Tysall, and Greg Dawe were on board.

I chartered the CAD II for a 10 am departure to the Chester A. Poling for 2 dives. Ed Doucette, Peter Reagan, Scott Bauer, Louise Howard, Scott Wolpert, Bob Luongo, Ned Jose, Dennis Sevene, and I climbed on board with Captain Steve Smith and his first mate John Sullivan.

We met at Cape Ann Divers at 9 am to fill out release forms and check in. The mood of the group was definitely upbeat - it's been a long, cold winter and this was the first REAL nice day to dive this spring. We then drove to the marina, loaded all our gear on board, and at 9:58 am, the captain put the boat in gear and left the dock.

Captain Steve grabbed the fantail mooring on the wreck, and 10 minutes later we had divers in the water. Seas were choppy, on a warm, sunny day. A few elected to do one dive instead of two (President Wolpert had no choice due to regulator problems. Sorry Scott.) Visibility was awesome, approximately 40 ft. Water temp was a chilling 38 F.

I dove with Terrence, giving him a tour of the exterior of the Poling, then dropped into one of the tanks, and a quick tour of the upper level starting in the electrical room through the starboard crew's quarters, passed through the galley, into the port crew's quarters. The interior of the wreck was a busy place, as Greg, Peter, Terrence, Ned and I all converged on the port crew's quarters and hallway at the same time. Evelyn took a tour of the interior also, but was under weighted so had trouble staying down.

The dives were cold, but the divers were upbeat, and we truly had a great day out on the water. The CAD II was a great platform for our divers, and the cabin below decks was a welcome place to change and get warm. Captain Steve's honor bar was full of soup, chips, and even chili so no one went hungry. Captain Steve and John did a great job as always.

Terrence was impressed with "our wreck", stating that it is unusual to see such a large wreck so close to shore and intact. He and Evelyn had a great time diving with our group, and will hopefully make a return trip to dive with us in the future.

Captain Steve was impressed with our group as well, telling me that we were one of the most well behaved, friendly, helpful groups he has had on board in years. We are welcome aboard anytime. (Thanks gang, we fooled 'em again.)

Due to the success of the charter this year, we will incorporate a "Speakers Dive" next year as well for those willing to help out as part of the WRECKS '97 crew.

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