Photo Display


The photo display contains some of the best underwater photographs that club members have taken over the years, as well as the equipment they use to capture those beautiful images. From film to digital, from dedicated underwater cameras to housed, from beginner to professional equipment - you'll see it all.


In past years we've had a variety of photos that have been exhibited, both in printed and digitized form. We've even had a fascinating 3D Photo display. So come and see this amazing new way to take UW photos. You won't believe your eyes!


If you'd like to share your own photographic talents at Wrecks please let us know.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner of each of two categories: 
1. Wrecks.  (First place is $100)
2. Marine Life.  (First place is $50)
Entrees will be in the form of prints which will be displayed at WRECKS. 
For contest rules and entry submission instructions, read on...

1. Attendees of WRECKS 2009 are eligible to participate in the 
WRECKS 2009 photography contest.

2. Eligible photographs are those:
   a. taken by amateur photographers
   b. that have not won cash prizes in other contests
   c. that have not been published
   d. taken underwater, but, not taken in aquariums and/or pools
   e. that were taken by the person submitting the photo

3. Photos will be judged according to the following Criteria and at 
the will of the judge or judges
   a. Relevancy to Category
   b. Composition/Arrangement
   c. Difficulty or Uniqueness
   d. Technical Aspects (lighting, exposure, etc)
   e. Creativity

4. Photographer maintains ownership and copyright of all entries.

5. MWDC and WRECKS reserve the right to use any entry for promotional 
purposes including, but, not limited to publication in the MWDC Westwind 
Explorer, publication on and publication in the 2010 wrecks 
promotional materials.  Photographer will be given credit.

6. A maximum of 1 entry per photographer per category is permitted.

7. Basic photo editing with software is allowed such as 
brightness/color/sharpness/etc adjustments.  Cropping is acceptable.  
However, combining elements from multiple photographs is prohibited.  
And, over manipulation is discouraged.  (Feel free to showcase your 
Photoshop skills in the photography display, but, not the contest!)


1. Entry deadline is two days ahead of WRECKS.  Entrants must notify 
the contest coordinator (Mike Walsh, by 12:00 
noon Thursday, October 22, 2009 of their intent to enter the contest.  
Entrants are then responsible for delivering prints to Mike preferably 
in advance of WRECKS.  Prints will be accepted on the day of the show.  
(The premise is that poster boards will be prepared in advance to 
display the number of photos entered.)

2. Submitted prints must be the print only... no matte, frame or any 
mounting mechanism.  The prints will be mounted on poster board by 
mounting corners in advance of WRECKS or on the morning of WRECKS.

3. A maximum of 1 entry per photographer per category is permitted.

4. on the back of the print (or on a sticker on the back of the print), 
include your name, your contact information, the category "Wrecks" or 
"Marine Life", and an optional title.

5. options for print delivery:  (a.) mail to Mike (Michael Walsh, 
31 Porter Road, Chelmsford, MA  01824), (b.) bring to MWDC October 13th 
meeting to give to Mike (c.) make other arrangements with mike via 
email or (d.) as a last resort, bring to WRECKS day of show at 8:00am

6. Prints may be picked up by participants at the end of the day of WRECKS.

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