Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Please join us at 7:30pm at the Courtyard by Marriott on Speen Street in Natick.

Krill Carson:
"Rescuing Marine Misfits in the waters off New England
a Community Undertaking!"

Since 2008, Carol “Krill” Carson (Founder and President of NECWA) has been rescuing and studying Marine Misfits in the waters off Cape Cod and surrounding areas. Marine Misfits are poorly understood species that no other organization is focusing on and include the Ocean Sunfish and the Torpedo Ray. The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) is an all-volunteer nonprofit that works closely with the community to accomplish this work. Each fall and early winter, NECWA documents over 100 Ocean Sunfish strandings and over 40 Torpedo Rays strandings on local beaches. Learn how you can get involved to help NECWA rescue these Marine Misfits and better understand these ocean wanderers.

Please join us for the MetroWest Dive Club's General Meeting for the presentation.

Upcoming Speakers

May: MA Division of Marine Fisheries (Matt Ayer)
June: Diving in Hawaii (Vinay Kapoor)
July: Diving in Bonaire (Tamas Vincze)

August: Diving in Grand Cayman (Jack Sargent)


The MetroWest Dive Club (MWDC) is dedicated to promoting fun, safe diving, and introducing and familiarizing members with new dive sites. We are committed to encouraging good relations with our coastal neighbors through courtesy and good diving etiquette, and getting involved with community activities.

The MWDC is not affiliated with any retailer, vendor, or manufacturers. We are a large group of sport divers with a wide range of scuba diving interests. Club members can help direct you to the many training classes locally available.