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Vinay Kapoor: "Diving in Hawaii"

Hawaii is known as amongst the best diving destinations in the US, offering a diver’s paradise with warm clear waters, a plethora of creatures and plenty of other activities for members of the family or group who prefer dry land (or maybe for divers looking for something to do before that 24 hour flight embargo!)

The islands of Maui and Big Island (Kona) offer some unique diving experience in addition to the usual two-tank dive experience that will have you planning your next trip as soon as you board the airplane back home.

Over the December holidays, Vinay Kapoor spent a few days in Hawaii and will speak about his diving experience, which included an exhilarating night dive with 20 Manta Rays.

Vinay is a relatively new member of the local diving community, certified in Aug 2023. Vinay has only about 20 dives under his weight belt, which include dives in New England and Hawaii.

Vinay is the CPO for Mintec, a market intelligence provider and lives in Acton, MA with his wife and two sons (14 and 18). When not diving, Vinay is an avid runner.

Please join us for the MetroWest Dive Club's General Meeting for the presentation.

Upcoming Speakers

July: Diving in Grand Cayman (Jack Sargent)

August: Diving in Fiji (Mark Potter)

September: Exploring Antarctic (Peter Venoutsos)

October: International Cave Diving (Ivan Borovikov)

November: Diving in Bonaire (Tamas Vincze)


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Diving in New England

What is it like to dive New England?

The video below tries to convey a sense of what diving in New England is like; cold water, low vis, and great wildlife. It was produced by William Skelly and the underwater photos in it were taken over the course of five years by Steve Bigelow, Steven Jaques, Robert Landy, and Bobby Joe. (Video subtitles are available.)

iDive New England is the ultimate SCUBA community resource for diving in New England, where you can find dive site info, charter boats, local clubs and shops, regulations and much more. Click on the logo to access it.